Forget about Mileage

July 24, 2015

So lately I’ve been running a little differently than I have in the past. Before, I was obsessed with mileage. I needed to know exactly how far I ran every day, week, month, etc. I would set mileage goals, and I would feel terrible if I failed to achieve that goal for whatever reason.


Because of my need to know mileage, I asked for a GPS watch for Christmas and I was lucky enough to actually get one. After that, my training accessories were complete! For a while. The watch lasted about 4-5 months before it stopped working reliably. Now, I’m lucky if it ever gets a signal. Most of the time it just searches for GPS signal the entire length of my run, which obviously doesn’t help me track the distance I ran.


Rather than fall back on my old method of mapping every run out online (which can get old, and sometimes difficult if you’re in a new place), I decided to start running for a set amount of time instead. I would walk out my door and say, “I’m going to run for (insert amount of minutes here) today.” Then, if I was feeling particularly good I may end up with around 5 miles completed. If I wasn’t feeling good, it may be 3.5-4 miles.


Running this way has been interesting, and I feel like it’s helped me to think about how my body is feeling. If a run doesn’t go well, I’m not beating myself up about not making a certain mileage. Instead, I’m wondering what I need in order to feel better for the next run. Once I start training for my next race, I may need to switch back to the old system to ensure that I’m covering the correct distance, but until then, I’m enjoying this new experience of running. It’s a great way to bust out of a slump and switch up your training!