Fun Ways to Stay Hydrated

June 23, 2014

Summer is (finally) here! We shift from spring jackets and long pants to shorts and t-shirts. We shift from running on a treadmill to early morning outdoor runs. And we also shift from being constantly hydrated to dangerous levels of dehydration.

This post isn’t trying to scare you and keep you indoors during the upcoming scorching days. Rather, this post is meant to encourage you to hydrate properly so you can go outside and enjoy the sun as you crush out a few miles.

The other day it was a humid 85 degrees the when I went on a 2.5 mile run. After, I felt sick. And I knew what it was—dehydration! I knew that had I prepared a little better, I could have kept going (and avoided that whole nausea feeling after). I did some research and quickly learned that, yes, I needed more fluids in my body. After spending a couple hours, I found some fun ways to hydrate better. And now, I share them with you :)


1) Lemon Water– This is something I actually started doing earlier this year. Each morning after getting out of bed, I juice half of a lemon into lukewarm water and chug it. If you have never heard about lemon water, there are a TON of benefits, with hydration being one of them.

2) Other Fruits and Veggies– Most fruits and vegetables contain an abundant amount of water. Enjoy some grapes, watermelon, tomatoes, and other varieties to boost your hydration levels.

3) Chia Seeds– Chia seeds actually absorb up to 12 times their weight in water. Mix chia seeds in with smoothies, yogurt, and more. As an added bonus, they contain high levels of omega-3′s, which help boost endurance and brain power!

4) Coconut Water– Great tasting and packed with electrolytes. Some can be high in sugar, so check the label if you are trying to slim down.

5) Popsicle’s– Yes, popsicle’s! Reward yourself after a long workout by enjoying an ice cold, hydrating popsicle.

6) Salsa– Chock full of hydrating veggies, salsa can add a little bit to your hydration regimen. What’s better in the summer time than sitting on the patio enjoying some freshly prepared salsa!?

7) Jell-O– Refreshing, tasty, and full of water!

Staying hydrated this summer does not have to be a boring ritual of chugging down water all day. Experiment around and try different ways. Your body will thank you by allowing you to enjoy the hot days of summer without feeling sluggish!