September 01, 2015

So, today is September 1st and although it’s still technically summer, you can’t help but feel that fall is just about here. I’ve seen orange and black candy on store shelves, advertisements for cool weather running gear, and murmurs from a certain coffee shop about a certain fall beverage. People are clamoring for fall (us included!)

We have been busy all spring and summer getting ready for our event season. It’s a weird position to be in sometimes. You spend countless hours during the hotter months listening to The Beach Boys, enjoying fresh watermelon, sipping lemonade, all while being intently focused on fall. Then the fall season finally comes but always goes by so very quickly. It’s a crazy, fun time to experience!

What I am getting at with this short post is that you should try and take it all in this fall. It’s one of those seasons that you look forward to every year, so get out there and enjoy everything it has to offer. Indulge in hot chocolate by a bonfire, sip coffee on the porch on a cool morning, toss the football in the backyard while dodging piles of leaves. Because after fall comes winter, and we all know that doesn’t fly by nearly as quick…