Measuring Mazes

August 07, 2014

Every summer we have to plan some time to go down and visit the farms we work with. There are a few goals we have to accomplish during these trips:

1) Measure the farm and the course we have designed

2) Go over Race Day logistics with the farm management

3) Measure the corn maze

We have a semi-small window of time to schedule these visits. We have to have them done a couple weeks before Fall starts, yet the farms corn mazes need to be cut. Corn mazes usually are cut sometime late July or early August. It all depends on weather, when the farm has it scheduled, etc. For us, it’s a waiting game.

Last week we received a call from our Nashville farm letting us know that they had cut the maze. Our plan was to visit the Nashville and Louisville farms in the same trip to help save time. We happened to have some breathing room that week, so we looked at each other and said “We’re headin’ down south!”

Literally 25 minutes later we were on the road, headed towards Kentucky. We made a pit stop in Ohio for the night before arriving in Shelbyville, KY on Tuesday morning. We met with the folks at Gallrein Farms, measured the course and maze, then drove another 3ish hours to Nashville.

Nashville is a great city. We got some great pizza from this little Italian-esque bakery and took in some live music on Broadway. The next morning we met at Shuckle’s Corn Maze to map out and measure the course there. After that was done, we hit the road, stopped in Ohio again to rest, and made the rest of the trek back to Chicago.

Although it was a whirlwind, the 72 hours was a blast. I really love visiting these gorgeous farms and working with them to make sure everything on Race Day is perfect. And, in the back of my mind, I know this is just a taste for what will come this Fall!