New Shoes, New You

June 04, 2015

Recently, my old, beat up running shoes have been warning me that it’s about time to spring for a new pair. When I first started running it was easy to tell when I needed new shoes, mostly because they would have so many holes that when I glanced down I saw more sock than shoe. However, lately my body has been giving me some hints that are a little more subtle when my shoes start to near the end of their life.

  • Lots of Pain.

I’ve always had issues with shin splints, but I’ve gotten much better at modifying my training so that it isn’t an issue. When my shoes get old it becomes impossible to keep the shin splints away. My right hip has started hurting lately too, which is unusual for me.

  • I don’t recover as easily

Long runs are always difficult, and they leave my legs exhausted. On new shoes this isn’t a problem, and my legs recover in no time. But when my shoes start wearing down, my body takes more of a beating during these long runs and this takes more time to bounce back from.  When I start to feel tired more often than usual I know a new pair of shoes is right around the corner.

So after a while I decided to suck it up and shell out the cash to order a new pair, and I’m sure my joints will thank me for it once they arrive!