One Last (Summer) Hurrah!

August 12, 2014

August is well underway and a lot of people in the Midwest are still asking “When will summer arrive?” Luckily, it sounds like we may finally get some consistently warm weather to enjoy. We all set goals we want to accomplish during the three-ish months we call summer. Some of these goals are fitness related, some are family, and some are personal. I have a goal that would probably fall under the personal category: how to maximize the last sliver of summer.

Fall is approaching which is great (my favorite season!) However, I go from very busy to out-of-my-mind-busy when The Great Pumpkin Run season starts on September 20. With that said, here are a few items on my summer bucket list:

-Eat outside. I love eating. I love being outside. Naturally, I love eating outside. Whether it’s grilling on the porch or treating myself to an outdoor restaurant, I want to be sure that most meals will be enjoyed al fresco. Even during lunch it’s easy enough to pop outside and enjoy food at a bench or on the grass. Try it!

-Windows down. Albeit a small bucket list item, it is still a powerful one. Rolling down the street with all the windows down lets the warm summer breeze flow in. Remember, you have all winter to keep your arms inside the car at all times.

-Drink summer drinks. Every season has it’s own set of awesome drinks. Fall has hot apple cider and pumpkin lattes, winter brings hot cocoa, etc. Summer has it’s own quintessential sippers. A couple of my favorites are iced tea (preferably sun tea), cucumber water, and, of course, fresh squeezed lemonade! If it’s a weekend and I am out with friends, I opt for a minty mojito or a hoppy session beer.  Regardless of where I am, I want to savor every last summer sip!

-Evening walks. Again, it is something I look forward to all winter long. I envision long walks after dinner right before the sun sets. Then summer rolls around and I seemingly forget how great they are. Too often I end up watching TV instead of enjoying the great outdoors. Not only is a late evening walk a fine way to enjoy the weather, it also has a few potential health benefits.

-Attend outdoor events. Every city across the nation has a plethora of outdoor events scheduled during the summer (and a lot are free!) Music in the park, movies under the stars, etc. There are tons of free outdoor events you can go to with your friends and family. Break the monotony of your normal weeknight routine and find something fun to attend. I know I will!


There you have it. My pact I made with myself on how to end the summer right. Incorporate some of these into your own summer bucket list and make August a month to remember!