Spring has Sprung

May 01, 2015

And I couldn’t be any more excited! Winter felt extremely long (as always). I have once again made a pact with myself to enjoy every bit of it as my schedule will allow. Putting on outdoor events allows me to enjoy it a tad bit more than most, which I am very grateful for. This spring, we will be taking our new series, The Hard Cider Run, to several orchards throughout the Midwest and East Coast. This means I will be spending a lot of time setting up for the event outside: flagging the course, marking off parking, setting up packet pick-up, and all the other fun things that have to happen to pull off a race. This all translates to a much needed intake of vitamin D!

I urge you to relish the weather all spring and summer long. To paraphrase my last post regarding how much I love the sun: eat outside for as many meals as possible, take walks, move your exercises outdoors, and read under the shade! Try new recipes on the grill. Take a stroll on your lunch hour. Go for a hike with your dog on the weekend. Before you know it the warm temps will be swapped with cooler weather (fall—yay!) and ultimately old man winter will be here for another extended stay (booo!)


Get out there, enjoy it, and we will see you in the fall!