Spring is here: Get out there!

May 22, 2014

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Warmer weather (finally) fills the air, flowers are blooming, and people tend to be happier! It’s also a great time to ditch the gym for a while and take your workouts outdoors.

I find it funny how we spend all winter complaining about not being able to get outdoors. Then, all of a sudden, it’s warm out and we find ourselves inside the majority of the time. Next thing you know, summer is almost over and you have missed a ton of opportunities to spend outdoors.  I am guilty of this and know many others are as well.

I’ve made a pact with myself to spend at least one hour outside each day. It may sounds like a hard commitment to keep, maybe not. But there are too many things you can add into your day to make it seamless. Some activities I plan on implementing are:

Exercise. Yes, it sounds so easy. Why? BECAUSE IT IS! Whether it’s going for a jog around the neighborhood or attending an outdoor boot camp class, this might be the easiest one.

Walk instead of drive. Hopping in the car to drive down the street to the store is mundane. Try walking instead. Enjoy the sun shining on your face as you stroll down your street. This can be applied beyond going to the store. Think of what is within walking distance of you that you typically drive to. A friends house? Your favorite restaurant? Leave the car keys at home and hit the sidewalk!

-Dine al fresco. It’s patio season everywhere. Take advantage of it! Take the family out to dinner or simply find a park bench on your lunch break. Eating outdoors always beats eating inside.

-Explore what your town has to offer. There’s a ton of outdoor activities to partake in in your town (a lot being free!) Find outdoor exhibits, fairs, or nature conservatories. These allow you to get out and about without much hassle!

Read. Another simple activity. Grab a new book, pull a chair outside, and read. That. Simple.


My pact of spending an hour a day outside is so simple and will help make my spring/summer the best yet. I encourage you to try and get out there as well.


What are your favorite outdoor activities? Add them in the comments below!