Spring Shoe Shopping

May 20, 2014

So you have decided to run a 5K. Maybe it is The Great Pumpkin Run, maybe it is not. Either way, you’re going to need a proper pair of running shoes to get you through your training and to help prevent injuries! In my experience, I walk into the running store and over to the shoe wall. I am immediately drawn to the bright colors, hot pinks, highlighter yellows, mint greens and teals. I want those ones, the bright ones. So, that’s it? I can leave now, right? Wrong. One of the biggest things I see happen with new woman runners is they want to buy the shoes for the colors. This is a BIG no no. I mean, I still have this problem and I have been running a LONG time. While yes, the bright colored shoes are very nice looking and will no doubt match some of your new running gear, you are buying them for the wrong reason. It is important to find a pair of shoes that fits your feet, allows you the stability, control and cushioning you need. Many specialty running stores have treadmills in the store that a specialist will have you to run on so that he or she can watch you and see what kind of support you need! It is important to go to a specialty store, not a department store, so that another runner can fit you properly! When you go to buy new shoes, bring the shoes you have been wearing with you. It will help the specialist see what you are used to and how those have been working for you. Now that you have worked with a specialist and found a pair that will work for you, keep track of the day you bought them and your mileage. Most running shoes need to be replaced every 300-600 miles. When the sole starts getting wrinkly and they start to get worn, it will be time to repeat this process. While this can get to be expensive in the long run (pun totally intended), it is very important to not skimp and really take care of your shoes by replaceing them when they need it. It goes both ways because the right shoes will help take care of you by preventing injury and helping improve your overall form too! I hope this helps on your next trip to the local running store! Good luck with your summer training!