What I Love About Fall

August 15, 2014

Summer is still here. Make no mistake about that. I love being able to head out the doors in a t-shirt and shorts, eating outdoors, and generally coming back sweatier than I was when I left. However, Fall is my favorite season. And, I am beginning to see a lot of “Fall” things. This got me looking forward to everything that is great about Fall, so I made a little list of what I love about Fall:

1) Changing  temperatures

2) Leaves beginning to turn those awesome, vibrant colors

3) Bonfires

4) Cold apple cider

5) And eventually warm apple cider

6) Pumpkin spiced anything

7) Hoodies

8) Football!

9) Halloween decorations and parties

10) Visiting farms (I mean, I have to love this, right!?)

11) Early morning walks with hot coffee in hand

12) Fall foods (think soups, butternut squash, etc.)

13) The divisive candy corn

14) Apples

15) Apples dipped in salted caramel

16) Carving pumpkins

17) And toasting pumpkin seeds

18) S’mores by the aforementioned bonfire

19) Brilliant sunsets


Yep, it really is the greatest season! What do you love about Fall? Mention it in the comments :)