You Might Need New Running Shoes If…

It probably goes without saying that shoes are the most important piece of equipment a runner can have. Unlike a GPS watch or your favorite tank top, your shoes can make or break your training by causing/preventing injuries.

If you’re unsure when to change your running shoes for new ones, you’re not alone! Check out the list below for tips on when to spring for a new pair.

1.) You’re starting to feel aches and pains. Every runner will experience sore or stiff muscles during training, but this isn’t the kind of pain I’m talking about. If you’re suddenly getting shin splints, knee or hip pain, or anything that could prevent you from running, this is a sign you need new shoes immediately (before it gets worse)!

2.) You’re more tired than usual. Training will take it’s toll on your energy level, but if you find yourself unduly tired over short runs this could mean your shoes aren’t offering you the support you need.

3.) You’ve put over 400 miles on them. This sounds like a lot, but—believe me—it adds up! If you’ve had the same shoes for 5-6 months, you probably need a new pair.

4.) The tread on the bottom is starting to wear off. While the shoes may still be fine for walking around, if the tread is wearing off it’s a sign that the shoe is breaking down. This means you aren’t getting the same cushioning as when you first bought them.

Many times runners will be confused about why training has suddenly become difficult, when it can easily be remedied with a new shoes. Before you get discouraged and quit, maybe try hitting your local running store. Worst-case scenario, you end up with a new pair of shoes. It’s a win-win!


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