Simply Delicious Fall Recipe!

If you’re anything like me, you love dessert! This past week I came across this fun, delicious, and easy recipe on Pinterest and just had to make it! This dessert resembles a s’more, but a healthier version… (maybe)? I am not much of a baker, so a simple recipe is like this one was perfect for me!

1.Buy the supplies; (at least 8 servings)

  • Granny Smith Green Apples (3)
  • Bottle of Smucker’s Sugar Free Caramel Syrup (1)
  • Hershey Chocolate Bars (3)
  • Bag of marshmallows  (1)

2. Wash and slice the apples! After washing your apples, cut them into horizontal slices. These will act as the base and top of your ‘s’mores’.


3. Toast the marshmallows! If you are a city folk like myself, you may need to do this on your stove top; but if you have access to a fire pit, obviously use that method (more fall like for sure)!

IMG_4353 E1503433051326

4. Begin creating your masterpiece! Place your toasted marshmallows on the base apple slice. Then top the marshmallows with Hershey Chocolates, caramel, and the top apple slice!

IMG_4355 IMG_4356 E1503433133890 IMG_4359 E1503433117461

5. Enjoy!


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